Ultra Customizable New Tab
  • Search Google, Gdrive, Youtube ... directly from MeaVana
  • Scan NY Times articles, track crypto prices in real-time
  • Setup analog/digital clock and customize to your taste!
  • And many other feature...

We turn the Space
when you open a New Tab
into an Effective and Customizable
Personal Dashboard


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Search Anywhere
Search Anywhere

easily search multiple sites all from your main search bar


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Vibhu Gautam


Awesome customization

The customisation feature is awesome!!

3.14PM - Feb 16, 2022
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Greg Garraway

North Carolina

Great online search experience

Great set of features to view enhance my online search experience, can't wait to see what's next

5.27PM - Feb 11, 2022
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Nipun Sharma


Effective Note Taking

Its good, loved the note taking feature.

1.25PM - Feb 15, 2022
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Brea Dutt


Love the customizability

Love how customizable MeaVana is!!

6.44PM - Feb 10, 2022
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Sarah Singh

Delightful Moments

MeaVana provides so many delightful moments to brighten up my day. Looking forward to the many exciting things coming for this wonderful product - a must get!!

3.45PM - March 1, 2022
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My one stop solution for everything I do.

7.35PM - March 10, 2022
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Jordan Gamarra

Better than a simple Theme.

This extension is much better than a simple theme. I really enjoy that Meavana provides an accessible, easy space that makes it easy to navigate your browser. The customizable interface is great as well.

4.25PM - April 6, 2022
Avatar of Writer

Kecy Anne Cortes


Good accessible shortcuts.

This is pretty convenient for me as I am fond of using my laptop and it gives me a short cut to the sites I want to go to. Also they have awesome and great features. This is really fab!!!!!

2.32PM - April 10, 2022
Avatar of Writer

smitha kumar

Loads of features combined together.

The first thing I noticed was the shortcuts to various popular websites such as YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Gmail, etc., I like how these shortcuts make it easier to access them. I was amazed by the weather forecast, and of course the display of the day and date. I also found the note taking feature very helpful and interesting. All in all it is a great search engine!

7.35PM - March 10, 2022
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Katie Wooldridge


Variety of awesome pictures.

The beautiful variety of pictures offer a serene tab to look at.

4.32PM - April 2, 2022
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Zeeshan Nasir

Highly personalized dashboard.

The dashboard can be very user oriented. It can be personalized to the extent that it feels like it was made just for you!

8.10PM - April 6, 2022
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Malik Ahmed Awan


Best design and accessibility.

Best design that i have seen in Chrome Extensions. Best accessibility.

8.10PM - April 6, 2022
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Vipul garg

Really Impressed by search feature.

Really impressed by the search bar, takes the productivity to another level! Keep up the good work!

3.20PM - March 31, 2022
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Hammas Rathore

Best extension used so far.

Exquisite design, best one i have seen in chrome extensions. Functions are superb!

10.45PM - April 11, 2022
Avatar of Writer

chadrack buliamu

Best extension!

The MeaVana dashboard is the best extension, I have came across in my life. Super and I love it!!!

7.45PM - July 14, 2022
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Shak Ragoler

Versatile, Customizable, Cutting-edge graphic design.

The best aspects of MeaVana are its versatility, its high degree of customizability, and its cutting-edge graphic design. I highly recommend this Chrome extension for anyone who wants to add beauty to their online experience.

3.35PM - July 11, 2022
Avatar of Writer


Convenient, Customizable, saves Time & easy to use.

MeaVana is a great accessibility extension and I found it really helps with productivity. It's very convenient and the customizability is endless. It has everything you need in one page and helps you save time. Everything is really easy to use and find!

10.22PM - June 29, 2022
Avatar of Writer

Roan Pascual

Tons of Features

I'm personally a fan of a lot of customizable extensions, especially given that this one has a ton of features on the home page, which is nice to open and be greeted with. Looking forward to more updates in the future as there is definitely still room for improvement in regards to making the design more accessible and user-friendly!

6.19PM - June 22, 2022
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Anish mittal

Great Experience with Notes, Todos, Weather..etc

The experience of using Meavana has been great so far, since it has all features that a user can expect like you can write notes, can have a to do list created for the day, see weather without going on to google and searching for it and do what not.

5.23PM - June 16, 2022
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Khushi Shah

Customisable and make work Efficient!

I loved how customisable it can be. I can open website with one click. It is very easy and makes my work efficient!

4.12PM - June 13, 2022
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Olawale Sulaimon

Amazing UI/UX, Best utility extension.

To be honest, Meavana is one of the best utility chrome extension I have seen. The UI/UX is just so amazing. Its lightweight, has got custom options for each utility. Thumbs up to the developers. I expect incoming good features.

3.35PM - June 10, 2022
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Montu Lalhela

Better than it's competitors

Amazing UI, Better than it's competition, highly underrated.

6.26PM - May 20, 2022
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Vinay Prasad

Given a Personality to my chrome with it's great design & aesthetic.

I always wanted my chrome to have a personality, as someone who is into tech, I always felt boring and not much enthusiastic when looking at my chrome. Though, it has changed due to the features provided by Meavana and the design, aesthetic and all features that not only makes my chrome look better but give it a better utility.

2.11PM - May 10, 2022
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Rania Juma

Love the MeaVana scenery screens.

I love the MeaVana scenery screens. The dashboard is extremely user friendly and provides shortcuts to all the most used apps such as Youtube, Netflix, Gmail, etc. The display of the day and time is clear and easy to change. Overall, it is a great search engine!!

8.17PM - April 29, 2022
Avatar of Writer

Chris Morley

Many Features and Widgets!

Everything I was looking for in an extension without realizing it. Includes so many features and widgets that I never knew I needed in my browser. Plus they keep adding more! I would highly recommend this product.

4.14PM - April 29, 2022
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Love the MeaVana scenery, Soothing to the eyes!

I love the MeaVana scenery on my screen. It is so soothing not only to the eyes but also to mind. A beautiful dashboard adjustable as per my likes with many essential links I use everyday. Apps available there make your life easy. Keep up the good job done.

9.22PM - April 19, 2022
Avatar of Writer

Raj Vadeghar


To-do feature makes it Effective, Productive and Awesome

Effective user experience. So many options for customization made it easy to customize it my way. Also, as a developer, I spend a lot of time browsing. So, a to-do feature makes it more effective and productive. Awesome.

3.35PM - April 15, 2022
Avatar of Writer

Ogechukwu Ada Lorretta Anoliefo


The interface is way beautiful!

This extension is not only convenient, it's also smooth.....and the interface is way beautiful

1.56PM - April 14, 2022

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