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  • Incredible daily background pictures

  • Upload your own pictures

  • Daily motivational quote/mantra

  • Effective multi-search

  • Real time crypto prices

  • Real time news tracking

  • Digital Desktop Basics

  • Extremely customizable

  • Super sensitive about personal data and privacy

We turn the Space
when you open a New Tab
into an Effective and Customizable
Personal Dashboard
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Search Anywhere
Search Anywhere

easily search multiple sites all from your main search bar

  • Awesome customization

    The customisation feature is awesome!!

    Avatar of Writer
    Vibhu Gautam
  • Great online search experience

    Great set of features to view enhance my online search experience, can't wait to see what's next

    Avatar of Writer
    Greg Garraway
  • To-do feature makes it Effective, Productive and Awesome

    Effective user experience. So many options for customization made it easy to customize it my way. Also, as a developer, I spend a lot of time browsing. So, a to-do feature makes it more effective and productive. Awesome.

    Avatar of Writer
    Raj Vadeghar
  • Love the customizability

    Love how customizable MeaVana is!!

    Avatar of Writer
    Brea Dutt
  • Delightful Moments

    MeaVana provides so many delightful moments to brighten up my day. Looking forward to the many exciting things coming for this wonderful product - a must get!!

    Avatar of Writer
    Sarah Singh
  • One-stop-shop

    My one stop solution for everything I do.

    Avatar of Writer
  • Better than a simple Theme.

    This extension is much better than a simple theme. I really enjoy that Meavana provides an accessible, easy space that makes it easy to navigate your browser. The customizable interface is great as well.

    Avatar of Writer
    Jordan Gamarra
  • Good accessible shortcuts.

    This is pretty convenient for me as I am fond of using my laptop and it gives me a short cut to the sites I want to go to. Also they have awesome and great features. This is really fab!!!!!

    Avatar of Writer
    Kecy Anne Cortes
  • Loads of features combined together.

    The first thing I noticed was the shortcuts to various popular websites such as YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Gmail, etc., I like how these shortcuts make it easier to access them. I was amazed by the weather forecast, and of course the display of the day and date. I also found the note taking feature very helpful and interesting. All in all it is a great search engine!

    Avatar of Writer
    smitha kumar
  • Variety of awesome pictures.

    The beautiful variety of pictures offer a serene tab to look at.

    Avatar of Writer
    Katie Wooldridge
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